Primary Care for Overseas Visitors

Treatment provided at this practice for overseas visitors is normally chargeable. The charges are as follows:

Consultation with doctor:                £20-£40 (10-20 minute appointment)
Consultation with Practice Nurse: £15 (10-minute appointment)

A private prescription will be written for any medication that is prescribed – patients may take this to any pharmacist.   Patients will be required to pay the full cost of any medication, which may include a dispensing fee. 

Receipts can be provided to enable a patient to support a claim to an Insurance Company.

However, free treatment will be provided in this practice:

  1. When the treatment is considered by the doctor to be immediately required owing to an accident or other emergency. In this case, the patient may be required to pay the current prescription charge for any medication that is prescribed. However, if a patient is aged 15 and under or 60 and over he or she will be entitled to free medication.    It may not be obvious whether treatment is immediately required.   An appointment for an overseas visitor to see a doctor will be made on the understanding that a charge will be payable if the doctor considers the treatment not to be immediately required.  The practice does not consider the provision of medication for pre-existing conditions, or the provision of contraceptive medication, to be emergencies which give rise to an entitlement to free treatment.   
  2. For visitors from EEA member states in possession of an E112 form or an E128 form.
  3. For UK nationals who are working abroad for UK-based organisations, and their immediate families (but not those who have emigrated).